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Working with lasts in shoemaker

When designing from a last in ShoeMaker you will use one of the following techniques:

Work from the Confirmed last. This is a complete model of the physical last that will be made during manufacture. When you use this method, you would normally create upper pieces on the outside of this last.

Work from an Offset last. Although working from the confirmed last is easier to understand, using the offset last has the following advantages:

  1. A last is defined from the Confirmed last and offset outwards by the average material thickness.
  2. The last can be further deformed to open out the top of the last. This is more representative of a real shoe, after the last has been removed and the shoe has ‘relaxed’. A design that is created from an offset last is therefore more realistic.
  3. Once an offset last has been defined, the last can be used in parallel to:

(i) model the upper. In this case, upper pieces are defined on the inside of the last.

(ii) model the sole. This needs to be modelled from an offset last as it sits on top of the lasted upper pieces.

If you define an offset last, the confirmed last is also present and sits inside the offset last.

Unified lasts

Delcam Crispin Shoemaker now works with unified lasts, where the side and the bottom surface of the last form a single surface. Unified lasts:

make it easy to sketch style-lines from the side to the bottom.

let you create pieces that cross the feather line of the last.

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