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Workgroups gibbscam

Workgroups are separate layers used to separate different groups of geometry, including custom stock. This can be of great help in keeping the Workspace uncluttered. While the geometry for more than one workgroup may be viewed, only the geometry in the current workgroup may be modified. All geometry created will be in the current workgroup. Geometry in background workgroups will be colored gray and cannot be selected.

Level 1 Interface

Workgroups are accessed through the Geometry Creation palette. There are two buttons on the top right-hand corner of the palette. The left button opens the workgroup list, and the right button brings up a menu of the workgroups to quickly switch the current workgroup.


Level 2 Interface

Workgroups are accessed by the Top Level palette. The top right button will open the Workgroup list. A right-click will bring up a context menu. The menu is a list of the workgroups to quickly switch the current workgroup.

Workgroup List

The Workgroup list provides access to controlling the workgroups. When a new part is made, there is only one workgroup in the list. Additional workgroups are created by clicking on New WG. The current workgroup is highlighted in yellow. The “eyes” on the left side of the list show and hide the workgroups. Clicking on a column title will sort the workgroup display.


Right-clicking on the workgroup title bar or a workgroup entry in the list opens the context menu shown here.


The WG info choice opens a dialog that allows you to specify the behavior of geometry in this workgroup. Geometry may help define a part or it may be used as a stock shape. When used as a stock shape, the shape can be used as the starting stock condition in Cut Part Rendering. The stock shape can also be used in machining operations to adjust the toolpath according to the amount of material to be removed based on the stock shape. Mill parts may be revolved or extruded.


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