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Work with sketch geometry autodesk inventor

Remove unneeded geometry

Click Undo to remove line segments and arcs one at a time, in reverse order.

Delete sketch

  1. In the browser, select the sketch to delete.
  2. Click Delete, or right-click and click Delete.

NOTE:To delete individual sketch curves, click the curve, and then press Delete.

If the sketch is used in a feature, you can edit the feature sketch. While the sketch is active, you can delete geometry. To ensure the feature updates correctly, edit the sketch or feature to recover the feature.

Add construction geometry to sketch

Control size and shape of a profile. Not required for simple sketch shapes.

  1. Switch to construction geometry:On the ribbon, click Sketch tab  Format panel  Construction..
  2. In the graphics window, use sketch commands to create the construction geometry.
  3. Click Construction again to switch to regular sketch style.


  1. Use sketch commands on the Sketch tab to create geometry
  2. Select the geometry, and then click Construction. The selected geometry changes to construction style.

Locate sketch in browser

  1. Select any part or assembly sketch geometry, right-click, and select Find in Browser. The sketch of the selected geometry highlights in the browser.

Change default sketch orientation

Change the behavior of the reorientation of a new sketch.

  1. On the ribbon Tools tab > Options panel, click Application Options.
  2. In the dialog box, Sketch tab, clear the check box for Look at sketch plane on sketch creation.

The view no longer reorients when you create a sketch.

Drag to resize or reshape sketch geometry

  1. Click the Select command.
  2. Click and drag any underconstrained curve or point in the sketch to change the size or shape of the profile. When editing a sketch, drag the grips to resize the sketch.

 Show Me how to drag sketch geometry

Finish Sketch

To end a sketch, on the ribbon, click Finish Sketch, or do one of the following:

  • Click Return on the ribbon.
  • Right-click and select Finish Sketch.
  • Right-click and select Finish Edit, if editing a sketch.

Display dimensions as expressions or numeric values

When a dimension is not selected, click the Select command. Then right-click a dimension, and select Show Expression, or Show Value.

Change to centerline style

On the Sketch tab, Format panel, click Centerline to change sketch geometry to centerline style. Centerlines can be normal or construction geometry.

Select sketch geometry sets

Select all sketch geometry enclosed in a selection window. First click the down arrow on the Select command, and then click Sketch Priority. Click to place the first point of the selection window, and then click to place a diagonal point.

Handle similar elements as a group. You can select multiple separate, nested, or intersecting loops for a profile, then extrude, sweep, or revolve simultaneously to create a single feature.

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