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What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2016

what's new Autodesk Inventor 2016
what’s new Autodesk Inventor 2016

Inventor 2016 enables you to break through boundaries typically associated with 3D modeling, delivering an
invaluable connected design experience between you, the data, people, and processes involved in getting your
job done. From providing seamless parametric, direct editing, and freeform design tools, to associatively
connecting your Inventor data to non-native CAD formats, to truly integrating your electrical and mechanical
data into a single design – Inventor 2016 helps you connect with your design like never before.

Work More Efficiently in a Multi-CAD Environment
New Technology for Importing Files from other CAD Systems.

  •  An associative import of CAD data from CATIA, SolidWorks, NX, Pro-E/Creo, and Alias files allows you to

maintain a link to the selected file. The imported geometry in Inventor updates as the model changes.

  •  Selective import support allows you to only read in the geometry that is important to you, speeding the

import process: The new Select tab provides you the option to specify which objects to import when
importing a CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, Alias, STEP, IGES, or Rhino file.

  •  Multi-thread support has been enabled. This allows Inventor to more efficiently use the available

hardware on which Inventor is running. As a result, you will experience improved performance when
working on files from other CAD systems.

  •  The options for importing CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, Alias, STEP, IGES, Rhino, SAT, Parasolid

Binary files are simplified and provide clear choices for import.



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