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What is a menu in shoemaker?

Most functionality in ShoeMaker can be controlled from options on the main menu. These expand from the menu bar that is permanently displayed across the top of the window. In most cases, functionality that is available from the options on the main menu is also available from one of the toolbars.

Clicking on a menu option opens the selected menu. This contains commands and further sub menus. Options are dimmed when not available.

Chevron arrows show options that have a sub-menu.

Use the following sections to find information on ShoeMaker menus:









Using the menus

The main menu is fixed at the top of the program window. There are three methods for accessing and using menu contents.


Use the mouse to click on a menu option. The menu opens and can contain commands, sub-menus and/or dialog.

Options are dimmed when not available.

Progression through menus is shown in the format File > Save.


Hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor over the menus; the sub-menus open and close as you move the mouse over them. The item under the cursor is selected when you release the button.

If you decide to not select anything, move the cursor away from a menu before releasing the button.

Using the keyboard

Navigate around the menus with the arrow keys to pre-select items.

Press Enter ¿to select an item.

Press Esc to close the menus.

Use keyboard shortcuts to open menus. Hold down the Alt key and press an appropriate underlined character for the menu. For example, Alt+E opens the Edit menu. Combinations of keys are indicated using the + key. For example Alt+F+S is the same as selecting File > Save.

Option menus

These appear as drop-down lists that expand to show a menu list.


Click the arrow to expand the list. Click on an option in the list to select it. The menu collapses to display the selected option.

Shortcuts (

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