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Welcome to Integrated Simulation and Verification siemens NX

Integrated Simulation and Verification is a fully customizable module used to simulate your entire machine tool in the cutting process. It helps you build an accurate kinematics model of your machine tool which you can see when you work in Manufacturing.

ISV has two controller models available: the traditional machine tool driver (MTD) model, and the Common Simulation Engine (CSE) model. Differences between the two models are noted in the documentation.

The MTD controller model

MTD uses the S&V engine. The machine tool driver is an extension of the NX Post postprocessor which, in addition to generating an NC program command file, incorporates all machine tool behavior and characteristics. MTD passes simulation and verification commands to the S&V engine, which collects, processes and feeds the resulting information to the graphics window or to the Simulation Control Panel. The simulation uses data from your real machine tool to produce exact tool motions.

The Common Simulation Engine (CSE) controller model

CSE does not rely on an extension of the NX Post. You can use any standard post, or even previously posted NC files from any other CAM system. The Simulation Control Panel appears and behaves the same for MTD or CSE.

CSE requires the following customized files for each controller manufacturer:

  • Controller Configuration File (CCF)

  • Machine Configuration File (MCF)

  • Parser DLL

CSE is designed to run “out-of-the-box” and the customized files can not be edited. Versions of these files are supplied in the samples directory.

See Machine management in the Mach kit for the location of the samples directory.

ISV Licensing

Integrated Simulation and Verification requires a separate license.

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