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Wall-Mounted Lights Revit mep

Lighting fixtures can be mounted to walls as well as ceilings. In fact, you can place a face-hosted lighting fixture family on any vertical surface. However, you should note that any model element categorized as a lighting fixture does not have the ability to maintain its annotation orientation.
This means that you cannot use an annotation symbol nested in the family to represent the lighting fixture in a plan view when the fixture is mounted to a vertical face.
One option to work around this shortcoming is to categorize your wall-mounted lighting fixture families as lighting devices instead of lighting fixtures. This will give you the ability to a symbol but could also result in additional effort to control visibility and to schedule these devices along with all your other lighting fixtures.

Your best option, if you absolutely must use face-hosted families and represent wall-mounted lights with symbols, is to create line work in the family that represents the fixture and then set the visibility of the line work so that it displays only in front and back views. This is necessary because, with the face-hosted family placed on a vertical face, the direction that the fixture
is seen from within the plan view is from the back. The line work must be done with model lines; therefore, they will not react to changes in view scale. This technique is discussed in further detail in Chapter 20, “Creating Light Fixtures,” but, as shown in Figure 12.12, it is quite
The use of nonhosted families for wall lighting is perfectly acceptable. This will require that you manually maintain the association of the fixtures with the walls because you cannot lock the family to the linked wall. With a nonhosted family, you can use an annotation symbol to represent the lighting fixture in a plan view. This works well for exit lights because the actual
fixture is typically not shown; rather, a symbol is shown.

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