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CNC lesson 6: Determining Program zero Assignment Values

  Main contents: –          Why program zero must be assigned for each tool –          How program zero is determined for turning tool, boring bar, center cutting tools –          Understanding zero return position The first question: why program zero must be assigned for each tool? Because –          Turning center tooling varies …

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CNC Milling Machine Configuration

  The main contents –          Basic machine practice –          Vertical machining centers –          Horizontal machining centers –          Programmable functions 1.1.Basic Machine practice –          Hole Machining Tools: + Center Drill + Spot Drill + Twist Drill + Countersink + Counter Bore + Reamer + Boring Bar + Tap –          Milling cutter: …

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CNC Rotary Device Programing

  In this video we focus on:   Introduction  Indexers versus rotary axes  Programming indexers  Programming rotary axes  Example program Now let’s move the first one, Indexers versus rotary axes Indexers: used to expose surfaces for machining uncontrollable rotation rate Rotary axes Can be used as indexers Controllable rotation rate …

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CNC Lathe Machine Configuration

  Through basic machining practice is beyond the scope you should understand: –          Machining operations –          Processing –          Cutting condition –          Working hold setup –          Blue printing reading, dimensioning About Machine configuration There are many forms of CNC turning centers such as: + Universal slant bed + Chucker slant bed …

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Lesson 1- Artcam Pro Basic

  This video will demonstrate complete process from design Toolpath The first step we will define the position and dimension of the vector, and we going to create circle center inner of Extrusion Next, we will move to create a leaf, draw a poly line, and controlling two points at …

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