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Visi Progress

Part study in Visi Progress

Overview Description: This command allows the user to study a part with linear bend, using Neutral Fibre value and Unfolding type, creating the Blank surface and unfolding the part in different steps, giving the possibilities to create the relative solids. Parameters Description: Selecting this command the system loads the relative …

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Tool Design in Visi Progress

Overview Description: With Tool Design, is summarized all activities and functions to design the final tool for part production. Basically, are possible all kinds of tool designing: One step tool Progressive tool Tranfers tool Multislides tool Many functions designed for tool designing are available: Tool assembly Punches Tool cavities Insert …

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Unfolding in Visi Progress

Overview Description: Basically a sheet metal part is a formed part by drawings and bends. There are two kinds of bend: linear and not linear. In both cases the unfolding process is based on neutral fibre, and it can be set by user for linear unfolding or fixed (0.5 of …

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Modelling Functions in Visi Progress

Overview Description: VISI Progress has a collection of functions for sheet part modelling. They are integrated with Cad functions, and designed for sheet metal matter. Basically, they are used to: design a sheet metal part modify and repair a sheet metal part

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Progress Tool Designing Module in Visi Progress

Overview Description: VISI Progress is based on two main sides: Forming analysis Tool design Forming analysis Description: It is based on different modules, and its mission is to obtain the flat initial part, given a formed part, through every intermediate step. This analysis has a double goal: It is preliminary …

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