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Vector Editing ArtCAM JewelSmith


When a single vector is selected, the option Node editing will display the points  (nodes) that are used in this vector. In this mode the individual points can be moved manually by dragging them to a new position or the curve shape altered by moving one of the control points (shown as empty squares on a dotted line).


  • Select with a box (as shown) just the top and bottom blue node.


These two nodes will turn red. This means they can be moved together by dragging, by using the arrow keys on the keyboard or by pressing X to align with the X-axis or Y to align with the Y-axis.

  • Move the mouse to the lower red node and hold down the left mouse button and drag down slowly about 10 grid spaces.


  • Release the mouse button.


As the red node points are moved together, this has generated a heart shaped vector. To exit out of node mode, then select mode needs to be chosen.

  • Press Select Mode.

A large grid will now be used to define some polylines which will be trimmed back.

  • Select 2D view è Snap Grid settings
  • Set the Grid Spacing to 3 and press OK.
  • Select Create Polyline.
  • Untick draw smooth polylines.
  • Snap to the grid points to produce the lines as shown.


Hint: press the space bar to finish a polyline and start a new one without closing the command.

  • Select Close.

To make a new outer shape, the vectors can be trimmed where they intersect each other. The trim vectors to intersections command will be used.

  • Select 2D view è Snap Grid settings
  • Untick Draw snap grid and Untick Snap to Grid and press OK.
  • Select Trim vectors to intersections.

The mouse arrow is replaced by a scissors icon . This dynamic icon changes to open scissors  when it has found some vectors it can trim back.

  • Move the scissors onto the vector edges and where it opens, click the left mouse button.


When a vector is trimmed at the intersection, the remaining vectors are just touching.

To join them all back into one vector, the join command is used.

  • Select Close. Select all of the outer vectors.
  • Select Join.

Select Join and then Close

  • Select both vectors and the Shape editor.
  • Select a dome shape with an angle of 20 and press Add and then Close.
  • Press F3.




The relief has been produced. This will be added to master.


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