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Using the ShoeMaker interface

The following sections identify the different parts of the interface and explain how to use the interface to control Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker.

Using the mouse

Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker Screen layout


Using a toolbar

Using dialogs

Changing the view

Using the mouse

The mouse is the main device for controlling the software. You can click buttons or objects with or without keyboard “modifier” keys (Alt, Shift, Ctrl) to alter the way you can create, select, move, edit or view models on the screen. The following terms are used in the documentation:

Click – press and release the left mouse button.

Double click -rapidly click the left mouse button twice.

Drag -hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse while holding the button down.

Move – move the mouse without selecting any of the mouse buttons.

Using the left mouse button


pd2This is the main mouse button for selecting menu options, clicking buttons on toolbars and dialogs and for editing model objects. It has different effects according to where the cursor is positioned.

You can use the left mouse button:

over a menu.

over the graphics window

in a dialog

to select a button on a toolbar.

Over a menu

 pd2 Single click highlights and selects menu options.
 pd Double click has no particular effect over menus. Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker assumes you intended to single click.
pd3Move the cursor over the different options, highlighting the ones that are available. You can also move the cursor over menus to display sub-menus where they are available.


Over the graphics window

pd2Single click in an active graphics window usually signifies an attempt to select an object or to enter a position. Click away from any object to clear the current selection.
pdDouble click has no effect unless you are pointing at an object; in this case it normally starts the edit process for the object.


In a dialog

pd2Single click to select options and press buttons.

On slider controls, clicks on the track cause the slider to step towards the cursor.

pdDouble click is not effective on all dialogs.

Double click in a text box to select all the text. If you then type new text, the selected text is replaced by the new text.

Double click on an item in a list to select the item and accept the dialog. For example, double clicking a file name in the Open Model dialog, accepts the dialog and opens the model.

pd4Shift-click (hold down the Shift key while clicking) to select multiple items in a list. All items between the last item selected and the current item clicked become selected.
 pd5Drag slider controls to move the slider button.


Mouse/keyboard combinations


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