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Using the Last Identification Wizard

Use the Last Identification Wizard to create a shoe last by selecting a series of points and surfaces from a model of a shoe. Once the last has been created, it can be used by other processes; for example, the Last Editor.

Tip for using the Last Identification Wizard:

You need to make your selection of surfaces/curves/points carefully to ensure that you produce the desired results. Working in wireframe or shaded wireframe mode will help you make the correct selections.

The graphic on the dialog highlights the option that you should select.

Attributes that you must select have * attached to the label in the dialogs.

The wizard will try to pre-select the surface/curve/points that are to be used.

You are automatically stepped through the order of selection of surfaces/curves/points. You can manually decide on the selection order by clicking in the appropriate option box.

Deselect a surface/curve/point by selecting the appropriate option on the dialog. Position the cursor away from the model and click the left mouse button. The changes to and you will be able to select another surface/curve/point for that option.

You must choose a Side Surface for this wizard to work, but selecting a Top Surface is optional. If you do not select a Base Surface, the last is considered to be a Unified Last.

If you work through the wizard without making appropriate selection, selecting Finish displays an error message. When you accept the error message, you are taken back to the Surface of the last page to let you select the correct surfaces.

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