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Using the Keyboard Autocad

The keyboard is an important tool for entering data and commands. If you’re a
good typist, you can gain speed in working with AutoCAD by learning how to enter commands from the keyboard. AutoCAD provides alias commands—single keys or key combinations that start any of several frequently used commands. A good example of a command alias that ships with AutoCAD is the LINE command. Youcould type LINE at the command line to launch the command, but typing the onecharacter alias L is much quicker and easier. You can add more aliases or change the existing ones as you become more familiar with the program.
In addition to the alias commands, you can use several of the F keys (function
keys) on the top row of the keyboard as two-way or three-way toggles to turn
AutoCAD functions on and off. Although buttons on the screen duplicate these functions (Snap, Grid, and so on), it’s sometimes faster to use the F keys.
While working in AutoCAD, you’ll need to enter a lot of data (such as dimensions and construction notes), answer questions with Yes or No, and use the arrow keys. You’ll use the keyboard constantly. It might help to get into the habit of keeping your left hand on the keyboard and your right hand on the mouse if you’re right-handed, or the other way around if you’re left-handed.

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