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Using Sweep Command – SolidWorks 2015

sweep command solis works 2015
sweep command solis works 2015

Using Sweep Command in SolidWorks 2015

We need to create a part can be a line or a curve or it can be opened or closed.

And in this video will guide the way using Sweep Command; and you should following some steps:

  1. Sweep Command- Opened Part

Example 1

  1. Drawing circle on Top Plane, center line from the original
  2. Click Sweep Command
  3. Select vertical line and we have a cylinder then click Extrude Boss of the circle of the given thickness

Example 2:

  1. Draw vertical line of Front Plane
  2. Draw another circle on Top Plane
  3. Define the dimension, diameter of each circle
  4. Select the circle as a profile
  5. Change the option to twist along the bar
  6. Sweep Command- Closed part
  7. Select a New part
  8. Drawing bar in Top Plane
  9. Select Front Plane
  10. Drawing profile
  11. Select front Sweep Command
  12. Finally choose Sweep Cut , it is similar Extrude Boss, but instead of adding part, Sweep Cut remove unnecessary parts.

This tutorial video will guide each steps to use Sweep Command in SolidWorks 2015, we can see and listen clearly and act as guidance, if you wants further information in this video, please give your comment below. Thank you so much!


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