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Using Relative Cartesian Coordinates Autocad

To begin drawing the box, use the drawing from the previous exercise. Alternatively,
you can start a new drawing following steps 1–4 from the “Using the Line Tool”
exercise earlier in this chapter.
1. If your drawing is already blank, jump to step 2. If you still have lines
on your drawing, start the ERASE command, type ALL↵, and then
press ↵ again to delete them.
2. Start the LINE command by choosing Home tab ➢ Draw panel ➢ Line.
3. At the Specify first point: prompt in the Command window,
type 3,3↵. This is an absolute Cartesian coordinate, and it will be
the first point.
4. Type @6,0↵.
5. Type @0,5↵.
6. Type -6,0↵.
7. Look at the command prompt. It reads Specify next point or
[Close/Undo]:. Items enclosed in brackets are additional available
options at that particular point of the command that can be entered
at the command prompt. Only the capitalized letters are required to
execute an option.
8. Click Close in the command-line interface to execute the Close
option, as shown in Figure 2.15.

Using Relative Cartesian Coordinates1
F igu re 2 . 1 5 : Specifying a command option by clicking it within the
command-line interface
Typing C↵ after drawing two or more lines closes the shape by
extending the next line segment from the last point specified to the
first point (see Figure 2.16). It also ends the LINE command. Notice
that, in the command-line interface, the prompt is Type a command.
This signifies that AutoCAD is ready for a new command

Using Relative Cartesian Coordinates2

F igu re 2 . 1 6 : The first four lines of the box

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