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Using Grips to Detect a Block Autocad

Grips appear on objects that are selected when no command is started. When an object that isn’t a block is selected, grips appear at strategic places, such as endpoints,midpoints, and center points. But if you select a block, by default only one grip appears, and it’s always located at the block’s insertion point. Because of this, clicking an object when no command is started is a quick way to see whether the object is a block:
1. Make sure I07-03-InteriorDoor.dwg (M07-03-InteriorDoor.dwg) is
2. Click one of the door swings.
The door and swing turn into dashed lines, and a square blue grip
appears at the hinge point, as shown in Figure 7.18.

Using Grips to Detect a Block 1
F igu re 7 . 1 8 : Blocks have only one grip, which is at the insertion point.
3. Press Esc to clear the grip.
You’ll look at grips in more detail in Chapter 12, “Dimensioning a Drawing.”
You might need to know more about a block than just whether something is
one. If that is the case, you’ll need to use the LIST command

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