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using Cameras 3ds Max

A camera’s main feature is the lens,which sets the focal lengthin millimeters
and also sets the field of view(FOV), which determines how wide an area the
camera sees, in degrees. By default, a 3ds Max camera lens is 43.456mm long with an FOV of 45 degrees. To change a lens, you can change the Lens or FOV parameters, or you can pick from the stock lenses available for a camera in its Modify panel parameters, as shown in Figure 15.8.

FIguRe 15.8 Stock
lenses make it easy to pick
the right lens for a scene.
The most interactive way to adjust a camera is to use the Viewport navigation
tools. The Camera viewport must be selected for the Viewport camera tools to be available to you in the lower-right corner of the UI. You can move the camera or change the lens or FOV. You can also change a camera by selecting the Camera object and moving and rotating it just as you would any other object

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