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Using a Selection Mask in mastercam

Using a Selection Mask

A selection mask is a defined set of criteria that you use to quickly select entities in the graphics window. Using a selection mask with a complex part file ensures that you select only and all of the specific entities you want. When working with selection masks, you can:

  • Define a selection mask to use once and discard (default).
  • Make the selection mask active until you turn it off or exit the Mastercam session.
  • Save the selection mask criteria to a file (a .MASK file) that you can later open and reuse.
  • Open a previously defined selection mask file and apply it to the existing part file.
  • Use a Quick Mask function

To define a selection mask, use either the Select All or Select Only dialog box to set the criteria. This includes any combination of entity types, colors, levels, line styles, line widths, point styles, and arc diameter, line lengths, or Z depth that match a specified value and filter. You can then save that selection mask configuration using the Save button at the bottom of the dialog.

You can apply a previously saved selection mask through the same dialog boxes by choosing the Open button and loading a .MASK file. When you apply a selection mask, you can only select entities in your current part file that match the criteria.


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