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Upgrading Features

This capability enables the activation of the last evolutions of the code available on the current level. It aims at improving the update of a feature by manually upgrading it. This capability is also applicable for part and sketch features.
To upgrade a feature right-click it and select Upgrade. The orientation of the element may be modified: in this case, a warning message is issued and arrows are displayed in the 3D geometry:

However, if no dialog box is displayed, it means that the orientation of the geometry is unchanged.

Upgrading a feature enables to create its 3D parameters. See Editing Parameters.
  • It can lead to reroutes that are not managed by the command.
  • It can lead to slight changes in geometry. In this case, there is no warning message.

Upgrading Part and Sketch Features

When improvements or corrections are linked to the update algorithm of a feature, these are always versioned in order to ensure CATIA update upward compatibility. This means that a feature will always be updated using update code linked to the CATIA release version used for its creation.

The Upgrade contextual command available from sketch features, allows you to activate on it and thus access all latest evolutions and improvements available on your current CATIA release.

To upgrade a Sketch feature right-click it and select Upgrade. Upgrade updates all versioning information which is stored in the sketch feature and its content before updating it to take into account all existing improvements and corrections. By the way, this automatic local update on the sketch feature is performed using a dedicated optimized algorithm trying to avoid as much as possible sub-element naming changes in order to minimize the number of reroute operations needed on impacted features when you will update your part data. Nevertheless, upgrade operations can lead to slight changes to geometry. In this case, there is no warning message. Upgrade operations can also require some reroute operations to take full benefit of upgrade operations and retrieve up-to-date part data.


We recommend you:

  • Perform upgrade operations on non-deactivated features
  • perform upgrade operations on up-to-date features (specially if they contain use-edge features)
  • Use Tools > Sketch Analysis before checking its use-edges status and if sketched geometry is solved (solving diagnosis). Due to data modification performed in V5R8, all existing use-edges created before this release cannot be upgraded. We advise you to remove them and create them again. If that is not possible, follow this scenario in order to ensure that the sketch data will be fully upgraded. Otherwise a partial upgrade is just possible and you will not access and take benefit of all available improvements and corrections:
  1. Edit your Sketch feature.
  2. Select Tools > Sketch Analysis and click the Use-edges tab. You can check whether the sketch contains such type of use-edge data. In this case the Upgrade not possible message appears in the Comment field.
  3. Deactivate all old use-edges to fully upgrade your sketch.
  4. Exit Sketcher.
  5. Upgrade your sketch feature.
  6. Edit again you sketch feature.
  7. Using Tools > Sketch Analysis activate one by one each deactivated use-edges to see if these use-edges can be supported with the new release version. If not, use-edges have to be deleted and created again.

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