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– Uniform Scale: Options and Results

Increase/decrease the volume of an object(s) or the size of a face or sketch.

Note: When creating a Non-Uniform Scale, the Automatic Preview operation may be time-consuming. A checkbox in the Preferencesenables you enable/disable the Automatic Preview option in the Feature Guide when executing the Scale function.


Uniform Scale

To demonstrate how to apply uniform shrinkage, the following part will be used:kh2

Required Step 1

All Objects is the default selection. To pick one or more objects (open or closed), faces, sketches or UCS’s (except the Model UCS), toggle the All Objects button to By Pick. (Define the Selection Filter settings as required). Choose whether you want Uniform or Non-Uniformscaling. In this case Uniform will be used.kh3

Press exit when all objects are selected.kh4

Required Step 2

Select the pivot point for the scaling. If no selection is made, the pivot point is the active part UCS. This point will remain stationary while the rest of the part moves. (If you are using Non-Uniform shrinkage, you will also have to choose a UCS in this step).kh5

Required Step 3

Enter the scaling ratio by selecting the Total scaling button. In the case below, all dimensions will increase uniformly by 3%. The total volume increase = (1.03)3 = 1.09, a 9% increase.kh6

When you have set the parameters, press OK  or Apply  in the Feature Guide to complete the function. The scaling is applied to the object.

To verify the results of the function, you can use the measuring tools to check the object dimensions.


When completed, the Scale will appear in the Feature Tree as follows:kh7

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