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Unfolding in Visi Progress


The second step of the unfolding process, is create the blank part. In this section is possible select three different methods, to obtain the right result:

It’s important note that, during this and next process, in case of Not Linear Bend or Flange faces, is necessary detach them from study, because to unfold or blank this kind of parts, is necessary use a different function: Flange Unfolding.
Another thing to say is that, in case of Feature faces, the system, to calculate the blank surface, deletes the original faces creating a new surface to close the hole.z16


Automatic Unfolding Optimize
Automatic Unfolding On Tree
Manual Unfolding
Delete One Unfolded Surface
Delete All Unfolded Surfaces
View Mode
Select Some Part Entity
Exec Auto-Rebuild

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