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Understanding the Web Browser

The Web browser is an embedded Creo Parametric window that
enables you to perform context-sensitive tasks.
• You can perform the
following tasks:
– Browse the file
– Preview Creo
Parametric models.
– Open Creo
Parametric models.
– Browse and navigate
Web pages.
– Set the Working
– Cut/Copy/Paste/
Delete folders and
Understanding the Web Browser

the Web Browser 1
Figure 1 – The Web Browser
The Web browser is an integrated content viewer within Creo Parametric. It
works in conjunction with the Folder Browser so you can find files on your
computer as well as browse Web pages. The Web browser is embedded in
the Creo Parametric interface, and slides over the graphics window. The
Web browser is divided into three sections: file list, preview window, and
browser controls.
• File list – Displays the contents
of a folder selected in the Folder
Browser. You can set either List,
Thumbnails, or Details display,
filter the list based on file type,
or display instances and/or all
versions of a file. Double-click
a folder to view its contents
or double-click a file to open it
in Creo Parametric. Select a
file to preview it in the preview
window or drag and drop it into
the graphics window to open it.
You can also cut, copy, paste, and
delete folders and objects in the
file list.
the Web Browser 2
• Preview window – When a model
is selected from the file list, you
can dynamically preview it by
expanding the preview window.
You can Spin, Pan, and Zoom in
the preview window to observe
model geometry. You can also
edit the model display. By default,
the preview window is collapsed
at the bottom of the Web browser.

the Web Browser 3
• Browser controls – The Web browser supports tabbed browsing and
contains the following standard control buttons: Back, Forward, Stop,
Refresh, Home, and Print. Select a sub-folder to view its contents in the
Web browser, or type a Web address in the Address field. The Address
field uses breadcrumbs for folder navigation. You can begin typing the
name of the desired file or folder in the Search field to dynamically filter
the folder’s contents in the Web browser. You can switch between tabs
by clicking on the desired one, and you can add and close tabs.

the Web Browser 4
You can drag the right vertical edge of the Web browser to adjust its width
in the same way you can adjust the size of most other windows. You can
also toggle the Web browser on or off by clicking Web Browser
status bar

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