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Understanding the Main Interface

The main interface includes the following areas:
• Graphics window
• Quick Access toolbar
• Ribbon
• Dashboard
• Status bar
• Message Log
• Dialog boxes
• In Graphics toolbar
• Menu manager

Figure 1 – The Main Interface
Understanding the Main Interface
There are many different areas of the Creo Parametric user interface that
you utilize when creating models. The areas that display depend upon the
function you are currently performing. Areas of the main interface include:
• Graphics window – The working
area of Creo Parametric in which
you create and modify Creo
Parametric models such as parts,
assemblies, and drawings.

For PTC Internal Use Only
• In Graphics toolbar – Located at the top of the graphics window, the
In Graphics toolbar contains commonly used tools and filters for the
graphics window display. You can customize the tools and filters
displayed in the In Graphics toolbar.

• Quick Access toolbar – By default, the Quick Access toolbar is located at
the top of the interface. It contains a commonly used set of commands
that are independent of the tab currently displayed in the ribbon. These
commands are available regardless of the specific mode or ribbon tab in
which you are working. You can customize the Quick Access toolbar to
add additional commands.

• Ribbon – A context-sensitive menu across the top of the interface that
contains the majority of the commands you use in Creo Parametric. The
ribbon arranges commands into logical tasks through tabs and groups.

• Dashboard – Locked at the top of the user interface, the dashboard
appears when you create or edit the definition of a feature. The
dashboard provides you with controls, inputs, status, and guidance for
performing a task, such as creating or editing a feature. Changes are
immediately visible on the screen. Various dashboard tabs are available
with additional feature options. Dashboard icons on the left include
feature controls while the Pause, Preview, Create Feature, and Cancel
Feature options are located on the right.

• Dialog boxes – Content-sensitive
windows which display and prompt
you for additional information.
• Status bar – Located at the bottom of the interface, the status bar
contains icons for toggling the model tree and Web browser panes on
and off. It also contains the message log, regeneration manager, 3D
box selector, and selection filter.

• Message Log – The message
log provides you with prompts,
feedback, and messages from
Creo Parametric.

• Menu manager – A cascading
menu that appears on the far right
of the interface when you use
certain functions and modes in
Creo Parametric. You typically
work from top to bottom in this
menu; however, clicking Done is
performed bottom to top. Bold
menu options are automatically
selected when you middle-click


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