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Understanding Templates Revit mep

The reason for setting standards is so that project documents will look the same within a construction document set and so different sets of documents appear to have come from the same 26| Chapter 2 CreatInGan effeCtIve projeCt teMplateplace. Some companies care about how their drawings look more than others, but there should be uniformity regardless. This applies not only to the content that makes up a model, but also to the organization of model views, the naming of views and schedules, and the overall drafting
conventions used.
Once it has been determined how views should be displayed for each type and each discipline, you can establish those settings in your project template so that each project will begin from the same starting point. Because every project is unique in some way, it is possible to modify the default settings as needed, but that does not eliminate the need for baseline settings.
You want to be able to begin working on a project without having to spend time setting up how the project displays in your views. Having preset views and visibility settings will increase productivity on your projects by eliminating the need to do repetitive tasks just to get started

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