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Understanding Display Style Options

You can modify the display style of models in the graphics
• Display style options:
– Shading With Edges
– Shading With
– Shading
– No Hidden
– Hidden Line
– Wireframe
Understanding Display Style Options

style option 1
Figure 1 – Display Style Options
There are six different 3-D model display options in the graphics window:
• Shading With Edges
– The model is shaded according to view
orientation and its edges are highlighted.
• Shading With Reflections
– The model is shaded according to view
orientation. Shadows and a reflection are placed on an imaginary floor
directly below the model.
• Shading
— The model is shaded according to the view orientation.
Hidden lines are not visible in shaded view display.
• No Hidden
• Hidden Line
– Hidden lines in the model are not displayed.
– By default, hidden lines in the model are displayed in a
slightly lighter color than visible lines.
• Wireframe
the same color).
– Hidden lines are displayed as regular lines (all lines are
In Figure 1, the same model is displayed in six different ways. Clockwise from
the top left, the display is Shading With Reflections, Shading With Edges,
Shading, Wireframe, Hidden Line, and No Hidden.
Repainting the Screen
You can repaint a view to remove all temporarily displayed information.
Repainting redraws the screen, and is performed by clicking Repaint
from the In Graphics toolbar.

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