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Tutorial SolidWorks 2015- Drawing simple Spiral Staircase



This video will provide step by step to drawing a Spiral Staircase to practice use Sweep Command. Here there are following steps:

  1. Set a Top Plane.
  2. Drawing Horizontal line, starting from the Origin
  3. Select length of line
  4. Set the Right Plane
  5. Draw Vertical Line and select the length
  6. Select Sweep Surface in Surface Toolbar
  7. Click Sweep Command , select horizontal Line as profile, vertical line as a part
  8. Select Twisting Along Tangle
  9. Refine the size of Twist Angle

Next select Top Plane

  •   Draw a Circle starting from the origin
  •   Select the Circle diameter
  •    Define Horizontal line and Vertical Line
  •    Draw Rectangle Center, select the dimension of rectangle
  •    Select Top Surface
  •    Draw a circle , select the dimension and position
  •    Go Patern
  •   Select Curve (Spiral Curve)
  •   Choose spacing/ number of copies
  •  Click OK
  • Select Front Plane
  •  Use Sweep Command
  •  Select Sketch/ Spiral Curve/ click Ok
  •  Select Hide Surface

If you do as these steps and follow the tutorial video, we will design a simple Spiral Staircase.

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