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Trim Recipe Curve siemens NX

Use the Trim Recipe Curve command to associatively trim curves that you associatively project or intersect into a sketch. The curves you project or intersect into a sketch are called the recipe chain. The software

  • Creates a Trim constraint on the set of trim curves and bounding objects.

  • Displays Trim constraint symbols () where the bounding objects intersect the trim curves.

  • Updates the recipe chain when you edit the parent curves.

In the following example, the blue curves are projected to a sketch. The red arcs are sketch curves that serve as boundary objects for the trim. Trimmed portions of the recipe chain become reference curves ().


Where do I find it?


You must create a recipe chain in a sketch using either the Project Curve or Intersection Curve command.


(Modeling and Drafting) EditSketch CurveTrim Recipe Curve

(Sketch task environment) EditCurveTrim Recipe Curve

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