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Tools menu in delcam shoemaker

Tools > Preview Mode

This option lets you use functionality that is still under development and not released.

You can only preview functionality if you have security levels 1 and 2. Usually, system administrators have security level 1 and design office managers have security level 2.

Warning: Be careful when using the additional functionality that is available in preview mode. This is functionality that is under development.

Tools > Vouchers

Select Manage Account to start the Voucher Wizard.

Tools > Options

Specify the options that affect the overall operation of the program using the Options dialogs.

The following Options dialogs are available with ShoeMaker:

Footwear General
General Help
  General Edits
  Units and Tolerances
File Model
View Shading
Data Exchange U3D / PDF
PS-Team PS-Team

These dialogs contain many options that you can select and adjust to suit your needs.

The browser tree (on the left of the dialog), changes the pages of the dialog. To select a different option, click the required option in the browser tree in the dialog. You can expand and collapse branches of the tree by clicking the and icons. Each option in the browser is discussed in a separate section.

The OK, Cancel and Help buttons are common to all pages.

OK – This closes the dialog. The new settings will now be used. The current model and any new model you create will use these settings. However, when you open existing models, they will open with the settings saved with the model.

Cancel – This closes the dialog without making any changes.

The Undo command does not undo settings of the options on the Options dialog.

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