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Tools for Design Using AutoCAD 2014 and Autodesk Inventor 2014


Learning Objectives

  • Create Simple Extruded Solid Models
  • Understand the Basic Parametric Modeling Procedure
  • Create 2-D Sketches
  •  Understand the “Shape before Size”Approach
  • Use the Dynamic Viewing Commands
  •  Create and Edit Parametric Dimensions

Autodesk Inventor is composed of several application software modules (these modules are called applications), all sharing a common database. In this text, the main concentration is placed on the solid modeling modules used for part design. The general procedures required in creating solid models, engineering drawings, and assemblies are illustrated. How to start Autodesk Inventor depends on the type of workstation and the particular software configuration you are using. With most Windows systems, you may select
Autodesk Inventor on the Start menu or select the Autodesk Inventor icon on the desktop. Consult your instructor or technical support personnel if you have difficulty starting the software. The program takes a while to load, so be patient. The tutorials in this text are based on the assumption that you are using Autodesk
Inventor’s default settings. If your system has been customized for other uses, contact your technical support personnel to restore the default software configuration



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