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Toolpath Manager shortcut keys

Toolpath Manager shortcut keys

The following shortcut keys (hotkeys) are available when you are working in Toolpath Manager.

E – Expands or collapses all operations

L – Toggles toolpath locking on selected operations

P – Toggles posting on selected operations

T – Toggles toolpath display for selected operations

Del key – Deletes selected operations

Up arrow – Moves Insert Arrow up

Down arrow – Moves Insert Arrow down

Left arrow – Positions Insert Arrow after selected operation/group

Right arrow – Scrolls Toolpath Manager list to make Insert Arrow visible

Ctrl+C – Copies selected operation(s)

Ctrl+X – Cuts selected operation(s)

Ctrl+V – Pastes cut or copied operation(s)

Ctrl+A – Selects all operations

Ctrl+Z – Undeletes deleted operation(s)


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