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Toolpath display in mastercam x7

When you generate a toolpath, Mastercam draws the tool motion in the graphics window. Sometimes the display of multiple toolpaths can obscure the geometry and each other. You may find it simpler to turn off the toolpath display, which you can do using Toolpath Manager options, and shortcut keys (hotkeys).

Toolpath Manager display options

Use the following Toolpath Manager options to display the toolpaths and/or associative geometry for only the operations you select in the Toolpath Manager list:

 mtc x7 1 Only display selected toolpaths – Displays toolpaths only for the selected operations.
 mtc x7 2 Only display associative geometry – Displays all geometry associated with the selected operations. This includes geometry that was previously hidden or blanked using Screen menu functions, and geometry on levels that were not marked as Visible in the Level Manager.


  • Toolpath Manager display options override all other toolpath display states and settings.
  • Stock model operations are affected by Toolpath Manager display options. Additionally, you can right-click in the Toolpath Manager and choose Mill toolpaths, View Stock Model. Then use options in the Stock Model Viewer dialog box to limit the compare display to only selected components.

Toolpath display shortcut keys

To toggle the display of all toolpaths in your graphics window, press the [Alt] key and the [T] key at the same time [Alt+T]. For this to work, you must be working in the graphics window, not in Toolpath Manager.

This function does not change the display state of toolpaths (which individual toolpaths will display and which will not). It will only toggle the visibility of toolpaths on and off in the graphics window.

To change the display state of certain toolpaths, select one or more toolpath operations in Toolpath Manager and press [T]. Mastercam turns off the toolpath display for the selected toolpaths. Press [T] again to turn the display back on. This is especially helpful when working on complex parts and you only want to view specific toolpaths.

The graphic below shows an operation with the toolpath display state on. Notice the dark toolpath icon. Hover your mouse over the graphic below to see what it looks like with the toolpath display state off. Notice that the toolpath icon turns gray, indicating that the toolpath display state is off for that operation. When the display state is turned off for that operation and you press [Alt+T] in the graphics window, that toolpath will not be displayed.

mtc x7 3


  • You may need to repaint the display after toggling the toolpath display on and/or off.
  • Toolpaths will not be displayed for operations marked dirty until they are regenerated.

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