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Tool Creation gibbscam

Depressing the Tool List button in the Top Level palette will bring up the Tool List. The Tool List can hold up to 999 tools in a part file. Double-clicking on a tile will bring up a Tool Creation dialog. This dialog is used to create and modify tools. Once the tool information has been entered and the dialog closed, a Tool tile will be created which displays the tool type and tool diameter. To create more tools, click on a new, empty tile. Clicking on another tile while a tool dialog is open will close the current tool dialog, saving your changes.

To index through the various tools that have been created, click on the scroll arrows located at the top and bottom of the Tool List. Tools can be reorganized in the list at any time, even after operations have been created, without reprocessing the operations. To reorganize the order of tools, click once on the Tool tile to be moved and drag it to an insertion point. The system will automatically adjust the operations to reflect the change in tool order and number. For more information on Tile Lists refer to the Interface chapter.

Tool specifications can be modified at any point during part creation. However, if operations have been created using the tool, those operations must be reprocessed. To reprocess an operation, double-click on the Operation tile in the Operation List, and click on the Redo button. The new tool specifications will be incorporated into the new operation toolpath.

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