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Thickening Edges

The Thicken Edge option enables you to offset existing geometry
with a width.
• Edge Types:
– Single
– Chain
– Loop
• End Cap Types:
– Open
– Flat
– Circular

Thickening Edges 2
Figure 2 – Thicken Chain: Flat
Thickening Edges

Thickening Edges 1
Figure 1 – Thicken
Single: Open

Thickening Edges 3
Figure 3 – Thicken Chain:
The Thicken option in Sketcher creates Sketcher geometry by projecting
and then offsetting and thickening selected geometry edges onto the
sketching plane. You are prompted for two values: a thickness and a positive
or negative offset. Both values create Sketcher dimensions that you can
modify. In addition, a reference dimension is automatically created between
the selected edge and the thickened edge. The reference dimension cannot
be modified directly, but updates with other changes.
Even if negative offset values are entered, the resulting dimensions
are always positive when shown in a drawing.
When thickening edges, you can select edges using three different methods:
• Single — Edges are selected one at a time.
• Chain — Create sketched entities from a chain of edges or entities.
Select two edges from the same surface or face and select which chain of
geometry you wish to create. Figure 3 shows one possible chain selection
from the selected entities.
• Loop — Create sketched entities from a loop of edges or entities. When
you select a surface or face, the edges or entities that form the loop are
selected. If more than one loop exists, you must select the appropriate loop.
In addition, you can control the end cap type on the thickened edges using
the following options:
• Open — No additional geometry is added to thickened edges.
• Flat — Line segments are added to ends of the thickened edges.
• Circular — Arcs are added to ends of the thickened edges.

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