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The Bottom Line Revit mep

Prepare your project file for sharing with consultants. Taking care to provide a clean, accurate model will aid in achieving an integrated project delivery.
Master It Describe the importance of making worksets visible in all views when your file will be shared with consultants.
Work with linked Revit files. There are many advantages to using linked Revit files in your project. Revit provides many options for the visibility of consultants’ files, allowing you to easily coordinate your design.
Master It How would you turn off a model category within a Revit link while allowing that category to remain visible in your model?
Coordinate elements within shared models. Revit can alert you to changes to certain model elements within linked files. Managing these changes when they occur can reduce errors and omissions later in the project and help keep the design team coordinated.
Master It MEP components within a linked file can be copied and/or monitored. True or False: You must have the same family loaded into your file in order to monitor it from a linked file.
Work with non-Revit files. Not all of your consultants may use Revit. This does not mean that you cannot use their files to develop and coordinate your design. You can also share your design by exporting your file to a format they can use.
Master It Describe the difference between linking and importing a CAD file and why the linking option is preferred.
Set up a system for quality control. As a BIM solution, Revit provides functionality to keep your design coordinated with your consultants.
Master It What functionality exists in Revit that could allow a design reviewer to comment on coordination issues within a project?

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