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Teamcenter libraries siemens NX

You can use Teamcenter’s Resource Manager to organize and administer your tool and machine tool data. NX Library provides you with an interface to Teamcenter in order to make these tools available from within NX.

Before you can access Teamcenter tools from within NX, you must:

  • Ensure that NX, Teamcenter Integration, and Teamcenter are installed on your system.

  • Use the appropriate template set. There are two version-specific template files, template_teamcenter_v8.tcl and template_teamcenter_v9.tcl found in …\MACH\resource\template_dir. Please check which version of Teamcenter you are running and select the appropriate tcl file. Rename this file to template_teamcenter.tcl before you start NX.

  • Set the following environment variable: UGII_CAM_CONFIG=%UGII_CAM_BASE_DIR%\resource\configuration\cam_teamcenter_library.dat The system uses this template to begin the CAM session.

  • Start NX using Teamcenter Integration.

Important Points to Remember:
  • By default, NX Library uses the same default data structure as Resource Manager’s small and full content kits. If you create your own data hierarchy for tools and machine tools in Teamcenter’s Classification Administration, you must edit the corresponding def file in NX to reflect this new structure. Find these files here:

    For Tools:


    For Machine Tools:


    For more information on how to edit this def file, see Configuring the Dialogs.

  • When you create tools in Resource Manager, you always have to map these tools to NX tool types and subtypes (UGT and UGST). This means that any new tool assembly classes you create in Classification Administration must contain the attribute number -5110, UG tool type. This attribute provides you with a pull-down menu of all available NX tool types to which you can map your new tool assembly.

    For more information on mapping types and subtypes, see Mapping New Classes/Subclasses. For more information on how to create classes in the Classification Administration module of Teamcenter, see the Teamcenter Online Help.

  • When you create a new tool class in Teamcenter, you must map this class to one of the tools listed in the Mandatory Parameters for Classes section. These are the parameters that NX requires for its processors (for example, corner radius or diameter). If you want to map other attributes to these parameters, you must modify the DBC_retrieve procedure of the tcl event handler.

You can use additional parameters for the search mechanism. See Configuring the Dialogs.


Do not switch between Teamcenter and native environments during a session
It is recommended that users start NX in either Teamcenter or native, with the correct CAM configuration specified to match. If a user needs to work in CAM in both environments, they should have two ways to start NX, so that the CAM configuration is set before NX is started. This can be done with batch files, or using multiple .env files.

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