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Teaching NX custom features and operations siemens NX

You can define your own feature types and teach NX these feature types using the Teach Features command. Examples of feature types include holes, slots, faces, and complex custom features. You can automatically generate new machining rules for the new features, using the Teach Machining Rules command to generate the rules from existing operations.

When you teach NX to recognize custom features and operations, you significantly reduce the time needed to create your NC program, for the following reasons.

  • You need not manually write the feature recognition code.

  • You can generate and test the operations for a feature before you generate the machining rules. This speeds up the process for defining new machining rules.

  • You also save time because it can be time consuming to set the right operation parameters in a machining rule and define the necessary Add-on items.


Feature type with chamfer


Operations to teach

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