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Mastercam x5- drill, pocket, contour

  Each tutorial systematically walks through all the procedures from Geometry Creation to Toolpath instructions, Verification and G Code Generation. In nearly 800 pages, a wide range of topics are covered including 2D Geometry and Solids Creation, Drilling, Tapping, Contouring, Pocketing, Circle Milling and Slot Milling. It also contains 2D …

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External diameters are recessed and grooved (Figures I-267 to I-269) to provide grooves for thread relief, snap rings, and O-rings. Special tools are ground for both external and internal grooves and recesses. Parting tools are sometimes used for external grooving and thread relief. Grooves are sometimes measured with dial, vernier, or electronic slidingtype calipers (Figure I-270). Parting …

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Tapping work mounted in a chuck is a quick and accurate means of producing internal threads. Tapping in the lathe is similar to tapping in the drill press but is generally reserved for small-size holes, as tapping is the only way they can be internally threaded. Large internal threads are made in the lathe with …

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