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Design Study Outcomes solidworks simulation

The following tables summarize the expected results for combinations of study quality and variables. Optimization Design Study Variable Type Study Quality High Quality Fast Results Continuous(Range) Operation Finds the optimal solution using many iterations (Box-Behnken design) and displays the initial scenario, optimal scenario and all iterations. Finds the optimal solution …

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Remark solidworks simulation

You can attach remarks to a study. This helps you document any special notes or observations on the study. The remarks are included in the report file. To attach remarks to a study: Right-click the study icon in the Simulation study tree and select Properties. The dialog box for the …

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Large Displacement Solution solidworks simulation

The linear theory assumes small displacements. It also assumes that the normals to contact areas do not change direction during loading. Hence, it applies the full load in one step. This approach may lead to inaccurate results or convergence difficulties in cases where these assumptions are not valid. You can …

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Treat a Body as Rigid solidworks simulation

When to Define a Rigid Body The main advantage of treating a solid body as rigid in an assembly document is saving simulation time. Assemblies with rigid bodies run faster than assemblies made of deformable bodies. When you run a Simulation study, you can select to treat a solid as …

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