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Mohr-Coulomb Stress Criterion solidworks simulation

The Mohr-Coulomb stress criterion is based on the Mohr-Coulomb theory also known as the Internal Friction theory. This criterion is used for brittle materials with different tensile and compressive properties. Brittle materials do not have a specific yield point and hence it is not recommended to use the yield strength …

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Setting Report Locations solidworks simulation

You can set the default report location for new or existing studies. Setting Report Location for New Studies To set the default report location for new studies: Click Simulation > Options. On the Default Options tab, select Report. Under Report publish options, select User defined. Click , browse to the …

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Probing Mesh Plots solidworks simulation

You can probe the active mesh plot to find the element label closest to the location of clicking, the coordinates of the location in the global coordinate system, and the component to which the location belongs. You can also find the distance between two locations. Create a mesh plot. In …

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Graphing Probed Results solidworks simulation

After using the probe tool to identify results at the desired locations, you can graph the results. You can use this functionality with any plot. Activate the desired plot. Right-click the plot icon and click Probe. In the graphics area, select the entities (nodes, edges, or vertices) to probe the …

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Stress Components solidworks simulation

VON von Mises stress P1 Normal stress in the first principal direction P2 Normal stress in the second principal direction P3 Normal stress in the third principal direction INT Stress intensity = P1-P3 SX Normal stress in the X-direction of the selected reference geometry SY Normal stress in the Y-direction …

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Internal Values solidworks simulation

If you do not want other users to change a prescribed value while inserting a library feature, mark the value as an Internal Value. To mark a load/fixture value as an internal value: Select the value from the Library Values folder. Drag the value to the Internal Values folder. Consider …

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