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Analysis Solvers solidworks simulation

In finite element analysis, a problem is represented by a set of algebraic equations that must be solved simultaneously. There are two classes of solution methods: direct and iterative. Direct methods solve the equations using exact numerical techniques. Iterative methods solve the equations using approximate techniques where in each iteration, …

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Thermal Studies solidworks simulation

You can use the Extruded or Axisymmetric simplification options for thermal studies. You cannot apply contact sets between faces, edges, or vertices. Extruded Use this option for constant thermal loads along the extruded direction. The figure shows an example of a long aluminum block held at a uniform temperature and …

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Beam Directions Beam Directions

When you create a straight beam, the software automatically creates a coordinate system for it. This system defines the axial direction as well as directions 1 and 2 that are used for viewing beam results. The axial direction goes from End 1 of the beam to End 2 . Directions …

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Beams and Trusses Overview solidworks simulation

You can simplify structural beams to optimize performance in Simulation to be modeled with beam elements. The size of the problem and the resources required are dramatically reduced in this case. For the beam formulation to produce acceptable results, the length of the beam should be 10 times larger than …

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Fatigue Plots solidworks simulation

After you perform a fatigue analysis, you can plot life, damage and factor of safety plots for the model. Suppose you run a static analysis and define a fatigue study with the static analysis being the only event that occurs N times. Consider the S-N curve for the material as …

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