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Insert Image solidworks simulation

Inserts images into reports. Images that you insert capture the current state of the model, mesh, or results. If any of these change, these images do not update the next time you publish the report. To access this PropertyManager, do one of the following: In the Simulation study tree, right-click …

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Table of Comparison solidworks simulation

The Table of Comparison box displays comparison results between two Simulation studies, or one Simulation study and reference channel data. For each reference channel, the table displays: Name Channel name. Difference (Simulation value – Reference value) / Reference value *100 (%). Component Result component. Reference Value Channel reference value. Simulation …

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Copying a Result Plot Between Studies

To copy a plot between studies of the same type: In the Simulation study tree, activate the plot that you want to copy by double-clicking on its icon in the source study. Right-click the plot icon and select Copy. In the destination study, right-click the desired result folder and select …

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Velocity Plot PropertyManager solidworks simulation

The Define Velocity Plot PropertyManager allows you to plot acceleration results for linear and nonlinear dynamic studies. To display this PropertyManager, run a dynamic study. Right-click Results and select Define Velocity Plot. Display Component Select a velocity component VX: X Velocity VY: Y Velocity VZ: Z Velocity VRES: Resultant Velocity …

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Strain Components solidworks simulation

EPSX Normal strain in the X-direction of the selected reference geometry EPSY Normal strain in the Y-direction of the selected reference geometry EPSZ Normal strain in the Z-direction of the selected reference geometry GMXY Shear strain in the Y direction in the YZ-plane of the selected reference geometry GMXZ Shear …

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Library Values solidworks simulation

The Library Values folder contains all input values related to defining a load, fixture, or connection item marked as a library feature. For example, when you define a load, you provide numerical values for the components of the load. When you mark this load as a library feature, the numerical …

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