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Heat Power solidworks simulation

The Heat Power PropertyManager lets you apply heat power to the vertices, edges, faces, and components. The specified value is applied to EACH entity. For example, if you apply a heat power of 1,000 Watts to a vertex, 2 faces, and a component, the total heat power applied is 4,000 …

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Defining a Temperature Boundary Condition

You can define a temperature boundary condition for structural, thermal, and nonlinear analyses. To define a boundary condition: In a structural or thermal analysis study, do one of the following: In the Simulation study tree, right-click Thermal Loads and select Temperature . Click Simulation > Loads/Fixture > Temperature Click Thermal …

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Connector – Link solidworks simulation

A Link  ties any two vertices or reference points on the model by a rigid bar that is hinged at both ends. The distance between the two locations remains unchanged during deformation. Notes Available for static, nonlinear, buckling, frequency, and dynamic studies. Limitations include: Link connectors are not available for …

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Connector – Pin solidworks simulation

A Pin  connects a solid or a shell body to another solid or shell body. The selection entities can be cylindrical faces or circular edges from the same body or two different bodies. Type Cylindrical Faces/Edges of Component 1 Select a full cylindrical face (360°) or a number of cylindrical …

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