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Maximum Stress Criterion solidworks simulation

Failure Criterion The maximum stress criterion applies to composite shells. Failure occurs according to the maximum stress criterion when the stress in one of the principal material directions exceeds the strength in that direction. The overall state of stress in the global coordinates is first computed by the program. Then, …

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Generating a Report solidworks simulation

The following procedure demonstrates the typical workflow for generating a report. Click Report (Simulation CommandManager). In the dialog box, under Report sections: Select the sections to include. Clear sections that are not included. Add comments and toggle options for each included section. Select an item in the list, then update …

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Animating Plots solidworks simulation

Animated plots represent snapshots of plotted data versus time or frequency. If results are available for one step (linear static, frequency, buckling, and steady state thermal analyses), results are linearly interpolated for several frames. Multiple steps are available for transient thermal, nonlinear, dynamic, and drop test studies. Animated plots from …

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List Reaction Force solidworks simulation

You can list reaction forces on selected entities for an active static, nonlinear, drop test and dynamic study. The software lists the X-, Y-, Z-components of the reaction force, and the resultant reaction force on the selected entities and on the entire model as well. To list reaction forces, after …

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