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Update Model siemens NX

Use the Update Model command to update the model with changes you have made to your sketch. The model updates automatically when you exit the Sketch task environment. When you edit a sketch with Rollback, there are no later features to update so this command is not available. Why should …

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Sketch groups siemens NX

You can create groups in a sketch to organize geometry and dimensions. Groups an be especially useful in large or complex sketches. For example, you can: Set a group to actively collect new geometry and dimensions as you create them. Assign an Object Color to all the group members in …

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Controlling the display of constraints siemens NX

Unless Show No Constraints is enabled, the software always displays these constraints:   You can control the display of other constraints with the Show All Constraints and Show No Constraints commands. By default, constraints do not display if the associated geometry is very small. To see all constraints, clear the …

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Types of constraints siemens NX

Use constraints to precisely control the objects in a sketch and to express the design intent for a feature. There are two types of constraints: geometric constraints and dimensional constraints. Geometric Constraints A geometric constraint establishes a relationship between two or more sketch objects, for example, requiring that two lines …

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Sketching in an assembly context siemens NX

You can create and edit sketches while working in the context of an assembly. The Selection Scope (1) and Create Interpart Link (2) options on the Selection bar help you work with sketches in the context of an assembly. Use the Selection Scope option to indicate the selection range you …

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