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Merging style-line curves

Controlling the merging of style-lines The merging of the curves is controlled by variables that are stored in the powershape.confile. By changing the values assigned to the following variables, you can control the way the curves are merged: detect_curve_dist: 2.5 This variable defines the distance on either side of a …

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User-defined flattening

Editing the flattened outlines does not just change the curve but alters the flattening mapping (that is the whole area enclosed by the curve). Click(Mean flattening flyout) to display theUser-defined Flattening dialog. Use one of the following methods to define the flattening: Select Inner or Outer depending on the shell …

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Points on the last

Use the third page of the Last Identification Wizard to select the points on the last. The graphic on the wizard will help you identify the correct point on your model. Select the following points on the last: Inner girth point Outer girth point Centre girth point Toe point Cone …

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Shading mode in delcam

Control the settings for shading surfaces using the Shadingdialog. Tolerance for Shading – This controls how accurately the triangles generated when shading objects fit the surfaces. The default is 0.1. The smaller the value the better the shading quality, however the time taken to shade the objects increases. When the …

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Using a toolbar in shoemaker

Toolbars are areas of the screen that contain buttons. Click on buttons using the mouse to activate the functionality. In most cases, toolbar buttons provide shortcuts to options on the menus. When you start up ShoeMaker, the toolbar that is displayed at the top of modelling window is the Main …

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