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Advanced Last Editing

The following are displayed: General edits toolbar Advanced Tools toolbar. This includes:includes: Wireframe modelling tools. Surface modelling tools. Solid modelling tools. Click a button on the Advanced Tools toolbar to display the relevant modelling toolbar. Use the toolbar to make changes to the model. When the changes have been made, …

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Attributes of the last

Use the final page of the Last Identification Wizard to add additional information to the last. Specify the Type by selecting Left or Right shoe. Select the sizing Standard from the drop-down list. The standard is defined in the PSSHOESIZE_xx.csv file, where xx is the name of the standard. This …

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Use Macro menu with delcam crispin

Macros let you create automatic routines for repetitive operations. For example, you might want to loop through all the surfaces in a model and change the colours. Macros are usually created by recording a sequence of operations. The resulting file can then be edited using a text editor. For further …

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View Edit dialog Shoemaker

This dialog lets you to edit how your model is displayed in the graphics window. Preset Layout – You can choose one of the following options from this drop-down menu: Top looks down on the Z-axis. Bottom looks up on the Z-axis. Left and Right look along the X-axis. Front …

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