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Tips for style-line creation Style-lines can be sketched on any items in ShoeMaker. The relevant item (sole, heel or upper) must be visible on the screen. Snapping the end point on the start point creates a closed curve. Create a corner by holding down CTRL while clicking inserting the points. …

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Flattening mean

It is possible to take the average (mean) of each of the following elements of the flattened halves of the last (both inside and outside): Heel curve

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Curves on the last (unified lasts

For unified lasts, an addititional option is included on the second page of the Last Identification Wizard: Use to move the feather curve up and down. This helps to create the correct feather line when the feather edge is not sharp. Curves on a last (STL file only) This page …

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Model setup in delcam

Use Model dialog to specify model options. Model Save As Format These options are no longer available. Model Compression Compress on Close – If selected, a model is compressed when the model is closed after saving. Compression Limit (%) – The model will reduce in size by at least the …

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