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Extrude option in Rapidform XOR

Using this command, you can extrude a sketch to make it as a solid. How to use Extrude command Create sketch as the below image. Click button on the toolbar, or click Insert > Solid > Extrude. Select Base Sketch. Set Length to 50mm and Draft to 10 degree. Select …

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Plane option in Rapidform XOR

Planecommand allows you to add reference plane. How to use Plane command Click button on the Default toolbar, or click Insert >Ref.Geometry > Plane. Change method to Extract. Click Region in the Select Filter toolbar and select the pink region like below image. Click OK button.   a) Position & …

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Feature option in Rapidform XOR

Edit > Featurecommand allows you to edit selected feature. How to use Feature Command Selectan entity in the feature tree. Select Edit> Featurein the menu or click the icon in the toolbar. Now you can edit Surface Extrude 1.

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Convert Current Selection option in Rapidform XOR

Select > Convert Current Selection… command converts the current selection of edge, face, edge and so on to the related entities. For example the selection of poly-vertices is changed to poly-faces. Before executing this command, you need to select an entity. How to use Convert Current Selection command Select an …

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Inverse option in Rapidform XOR

Select > Inversecommandmakes the selected entities deselected and unselected entities selected. How to use Inverse command Select faces as the below image. 2. Select Select> Inversein the menu or click the icon in the toolbar. You can notice that selection is reversed. Note You can also select inverse by selecting …

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Summary Info option in Rapidform XOR

File > Summary Info… command allows you to input some summary information about the current model. Note When a model is opened, the summary information shows if Show Preview & Info box is checked in the Open dialog box. The summary information can be used as header/footer in a report …

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