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Body Distances in vero visi

Overview Description: This utility checks the interferences between solids and/or surfaces. After 3D entities selection, the system recognizes where interferences are present, and divides the entities selected in one or more “interference group”. Parameters Description: If you require further information on any parameter in the image below, point to it …

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Mastercam Flat Boundary ribbon bar

Choose Create, Surface, Flat Boundary. Flat Boundary ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to create flat boundary surfaces on existing entities. Flat boundary surfaces are trimmed NURBS surfaces created within a boundary defined by a closed, flat chain. Select the inner and outer boundaries to create a surface …

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Mastercam Curve Flowline ribbon bar

Choose Create, Curve, Flowline Curve. Curve Flowline ribbon bar   Use this ribbon bar to create flowline curves on surfaces. For NURBS and parametric spline surfaces, exact curves are created. For all other surface types, chord height, tolerance-curve fitted cubic NURBS curves are created. The options in this ribbon bar …

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Mastercam Circle Center Point ribbon bar

Choose Create, Arc, Circle Center Point. Circle Center Point ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to create full circles from a center point. Click in the graphics window to set a center point and then click again to set an edge point. Alternatively, you can enter a value …

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Mastercam Toolbar States dialog box

Choose Settings, Toolbar States. or Click the Toolbar States button on the Toolbars tab of the Customize dialog box. Toolbar States dialog box     Use this dialog box to show or hide toolbars as well as create, save, load, delete, and restore default toolbar states that are stored in …

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Mastercam shortcut keys

Mastercam shortcut keys Mastercam provides both predetermined shortcut keys (hotkeys) and the ability to custom assign your own shortcut keys through the Key mapping dialog box. The following list contains most of the default Mastercam shortcut keys: Alt+1 – Gview – Top Alt+2 – Gview – Front Alt+3 – Gview …

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