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Body intersections with visi mould

Overview Description: This utility finds the intersection between solids and/or surfaces. Two possible result are available: Show Intersections: in this case are shown solids of intersection Show Curves of intersection: in this case are shown wireframes of intersection Parameters Description: If you require further information on any parameter in the …

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Mastercam Curve Intersection ribbon bar

Choose Create, Curve, Curve at Intersection.   Curve Intersection ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to create curves at the intersections between two sets of surfaces. Mastercam pairs each entity in the first set with each entity in the second set and creates curves at the intersecting locations. …

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Mastercam Circle Edge Point ribbon bar

Choose Create, Arc, Circle Edge Point.   Circle Edge Point ribbon bar     Use this ribbon bar to create circles with two or three edge points. To create circles with two edge points, first select the Two Point button (selected by default). Then click in the Graphics window to …

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Toolbar states in mastercam

Toolbar states A toolbar state is a snapshot of the display status (show/hide), physical orientation, size, location, and state (docked / undocked) of all toolbars in the Mastercam window at a specific point in time. Toolbar states are stored in binary format within a section of the current toolbar file …

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Mastercam Toolbars

Toolbars Toolbars are collections of related functions accessed through buttons. Toolbars are docked, by default, in the upper section of the interface, below the menu bar. For easy recognition, the Mastercam toolbar buttons have the same images you see next to the corresponding menu commands in the menu bar. A …

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Common Mastercam buttons

In Mastercam, there are buttons that appear in most or many dialog boxes and ribbon bars. A few of these may also appear in toolbars or menus. These common buttons have universal functions throughout the interface. Their images and functional descriptions are as follows:

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